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Why Noesis?

We are a team of over 1000 IT professionals ready to cover your organization´s needs. Our technology hubs receive (besides many sun-hours) projects from all over the world... otherwise, we wouldn´t be in Portugal.
We are the most central European country in the world, which brings us geographically and culturally closer to the four corners of the globe! As good news never comes alone, we have offices spread around the globe - Portugal, Spain, Ireland, the Netherlands, Brazil, the USA and Middle East - which gives us a better understanding of each market.

Why Portugal?

But What If You´re Further Away?

No problem! We have a technology hub in Brazil with 80+ talents. This way, we can assure our clients in the Asian or American continents teams prepared to work in any time zone, making Noesis a company with a 24x7 response time!

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