Simplified test automation

testingON simplifies the process of automating tests in an intuitive, fast, and versatile way, which means it can optimize a solution's time to market, reducing costs in its overall development cycle. The tool doesn't require technical staff to implement automation batteries, and it adapts easily to the specific needs of each market sector.

Benefits of obtaining this tool:

Automation Types Supported

The testingON tool supports test automation on mobile (iOS and Android), web (Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer (compatibility mode), Safari and Firefox), load and performance, REST and SOAP, SAP, and other technologies, such as Windows, mainframe, db2, and Siebel applications, through image recognition.

testingON Management Integrations

testingON is fully integrated with various test management tools (Xray, Noesis Test Management Tool, Azure DevOps and Microfocus ALM). Automated tests are created in testingON and saved in these test management tools, along with all their results.

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testingON Other Integrations

testingON can run mobile tests locally, on real mobile devices, or on those made available through device farms integrated with the application (SauceLabs, BrowserStack, or LambaTest). In testingON, it is possible to create a service where the user can choose the tests they want to run. This service can be invoked via a pipeline in CI/CD tools such as Jenkins, Azure DevOps, or GitLab.

Test automation in OutSystems applications

When you create an application on the OutSystems platform, objects that are created (text boxes, buttons, comboboxes, etc.) can have dynamic identifiers if the Developer doesn't provide a unique property for those objects. This algorithm, specific to Outsystems, verifies that the application is developed in OutSystems, and in this case testingON will obtain the objects by following the rules of the algorithm, allowing their reuse, while drastically reducing the maintenance time of test automation scripts.

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Test automation is the answer to ensuring the delivery of quality software at a lower cost.

Testing software is the best way to prevent potential errors from arising and to ensure that applications follow what has been previously defined. Noesis has its own test automation tool - testingON, which is characterized by its ease of use, automatic test specification time, and maintenance. Request your Free Trial now!



"The implementation of the testingON tool has made it possible to automate regression tests, bringing us reliability and speed in the analysis of applications subject to software changes" - Millennium BCP.
 "With the testingON tool, we can improve testing in complex flows; its ease of use of the tool in Code has helped us to qualify more users for testing in a short time." - Banco Alfa.

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