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28 April 2024

Noesis Attends Data & AI Government in the Netherlands

On April 24th, the Valk Exclusive The Hague – Nootdorp, in the Netherlands, hosted distinguished experts to discuss the transformative power of AI and data utilization in the public sector.

 Noesis attended the Data & AI in Government event as a sponsor. Throughout the event, discussions revolved around the transformative potential of AI and high-performance data in the public sector.  

This event allowed participants to gain insights applicable across all industries, including both public and private, to drive innovation and business growth. Nowadays, organizations in the public sector increasingly invest in AI and robust data-driven strategies to make data-informed decisions and improve public services.  

The following topics were discussed at this event: 
  • - How AI and data analysis are applied in government projects and how these strategies can be adapted or integrated into commercial operations.
  • - How public-private partnerships can drive technological advancements and create new business opportunities. 
  • - We are establishing connections with key decision-makers from both the public and private sectors and discovering new collaboration opportunities.