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11 March 2024

Noesis and Expresso join forces to discuss Cybersecurity

On March 6th, the 1st edition of the Cybersecurity Conference took place, where Noesis and Expresso invited different national and international speakers to address this timely topic

On March 6th, Noesis and Expresso attended the 1st edition of the Cybersecurity Conference, held at the Impresa Building, to address the main challenges companies face regarding Cybersecurity. In an event conducted and moderated by journalist Rosa de Oliveira Pinto from SIC, national and international experts discussed and analyzed emerging trends and presented the best strategies against cyber attacks.
During the morning, participants had the opportunity to attend various lectures and keynotes that offered relevant insights into the latest security innovations.
We started our event with a welcome message from our CEO, Alexandre Rosa, addressed to all guests and participants. He handled the Cybersecurity area at Noesis, highlighting it as an essential strategic focus.
The opening session featured the presence and speech of Dr. Mário Campolargo, Secretary of State for Digitalization and Administrative Modernization, who emphasized the importance of digital literacy in today's society.
One of the highlights of the Conference was the keynote presentation by Kevin Schwarz, CTO of Zscaler, who addressed the theme "The future is Hybrid: Zero Trust Transformation," explaining the need for organizations to adopt zero trust transformation to adapt to dynamic changes in the business environment.
Another highlight of the Conference was the Roundtable on "Security by Design: The C-Level Role," where leaders from prominent companies such as Fidelidade, APED (Portuguese Association of Distribution Companies), Visa, and AMA (Agency for Administrative Modernization) discussed the urgency of ensuring security in digital environments and critical infrastructures.
Following that, Yves Wattel, VP Southern of Europe at Delinea, presented an enlightening keynote on "Why PAM is important should be top of mind of the CSO?" highlighting the critical importance of Privileged Access Management (PAM) in protection against cyber threats.
Finally, the second Roundtable addressed the topic: "Securing Critical Infrastructures: Cybersecurity Challenges and Strategies for Resilient and Sustainable Operations in the Digital Age," where guests such as Banco de Portugal, SPMS (Shared Services of the Ministry of Health), and the special participation of José Pereira, IT Operations, Cloud and Security Senior Director at Noesis, shared essential strategies for maintaining resilient operations in the digital age.
Our CTO, Nélson Pereira, closed the event, thanking all present again and sharing some notes and conclusions from the sessions discussed throughout the event.
The event's closing was marked by a lunch prepared by chef Ljubomir Stanisic at the 100 Maneiras Restaurant, which promoted a networking and interaction environment among clients, partners, and guests.
Review the Conference thoroughly and discover the insights shared: Link to conference recording.