37th Edition, October 2021

iNoesis is Noesis' corporate magazine that gathers the most relevant topics in the industry. Get to know the main insights, trends, and actual use cases of the best that is being done in digital transformation.
In this edition, the focus is Digital Resilience. After an extremely challenging year for all organizations, now is the time to react, move forward, and bet on the technology infrastructure to support growth and leverage the business.
In the magazine's main article, we share relevant content and indicators prepared by IDC and testimonials from essential organizations from different business sectors, such as Brodheim, Galp, Ana Aeroportos, Rangel, and CMVM. 
Want to know more about themes like Process Mining, Business Intelligence, Quality Management, and many others?
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A Window of Opportunities 

In this edition's editorial, Alexandre Rosa, Noesis' CEO, reflects on the magazine's cover theme: "Resilience is one of the watchwords in the period and context we are going through. It has entered the lexicon of managers and organizations. In the technology sector, the definition of resilience takes on another dimension."

"As far as Noesis is concerned, after the year of 2020, where we absorbed the impact of Pandemic and consolidated our integration in Altia Group, we look to the future with an optimistic perspective and with the forecast of strengthening our operation."

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Alexandre Rosa

In 2022, will Resilience Continue to be one of the Keywords of the Year? 

In an opinion article, Nelson Pereira, CTO of Noesis, points out some of the main technological challenges for organizations in the near future: "Historically, IT departments responded to the needs of their business by developing applications based on one or two programming languages.

They had custom structured data sources, with business logic and processes based on a single application. Nowadays, the paradigm has changed! We live in times of great transformation and acceleration. The future is exciting!"

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Nelson Pereira



McDonald's Portugal Focused on Data Quality

The Business Intelligence project developed by Noesis allows McDonalds to add more value to the information generated in its restaurants, always in favor of the client. Find out how in the interview with McDonalds's manager.

"Noesis was the company that fully met all the criteria we had, namely in terms of technical knowledge of the teams, and in the effective follow-up and success of the project," says Pedro Figueiredo, Strategy & Business Insights Manager at McDonald's.

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Mc Donald's

Banco Primus on the Digital Route 

The One app, developed together with Noesis, resulted from an internal reflection process of Banco Primus, which identified a growth opportunity with the platform. The app reinforced and facilitated the relationship between the bank and all its business partners.

Pedro Herédia, Business Development & PMO of Banco Primus, adds that "Noesis monitoring has been very constant and transparent and the relationship between Banco Primus and Noesis goes beyond technology alone. The fact that the company has knowledge of our business and allocates seniority to the projects we do together were also positive points".

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Banco Primus

Globo Instills Quality into its Processes

In an interview that highlights the importance of quality management in all Brazilian television production company departments, Noesis presents itself as the main ally for this work.

According to Luciana Povoa, Head of Content Production Solutions at Globo,
"Noesis started working at Globo at a moment when an application area was structured and, later on, we chose to start working on a production model in which Noesis consolidates as our major partner in this model, due to its deep know-how in the area."

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