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28 December 2022

Noesis Estimates Turnover above 60 million Euros in 2023

Noesis anticipates a 12% year-on-year increase in turnover for 2022, following the evolution of the Altia group, which owns Noesis.

Noesis, owned by the Spanish Altia group, estimates that the turnover in 2022 has grown 12%, in homologous terms, an evolution that allows betting that the revenues of the technological consultancy will exceed 60 million euros in 2023.

In an interview with Dinheiro Vivo (DV), Luís de Castro, CFO of Noesis did not get into details - the technology company is part of a group listed on the stock exchange - but he guaranteed that the evolution of the business of Noesis "historically presents a growth in turnover above 10%".

"For the year 2023, our expectation follows this assumption, and we aim to overcome the barrier of 60 million euros, with the contribution of each of our business areas," he says.

"This growth reflects a consolidation of the group's presence in the national market combined with a significant reinforcement of the turnover generated in international markets, which is [today] close to 40%", adds Luís de Castro.

According to the manager, the focus is also on improving margins "and consequently the results". This way, Noesis would be able to "invest more and more" in the expansion of the business, becoming "increasingly attractive, capable of capturing the best resources and, at the same time, providing constant challenges to its talents, contributing in a decisive way to their professional development and consequent retention".

Although it is part of a Spanish group, Noesis has its strategic plan. For the triennium ending in 2023, Luís de Castro assures that the objectives are being fulfilled "in full to date". "This leads us to look from now on to the period 2024-2028 [the next triennium] with a lot of ambition and growth perspective.

There is an ambition to strengthen the operation in different territories, continuing Noesis to develop specialized services in information technologies per the sector's trends. This goal goes through, for example, "betting on the areas of application development, based on reference partnerships with Microsoft and Outsystems", as well as the specialization of the offer "in cloud & security services" - one of the areas in which the company invested the most -, according to the CFO of the consulting firm.

This means that Noesis will recruit more professionals. According to what the CEO, Alexandre Rosa, recently advanced to DV, between 75 and 100 highly qualified workers will be recruited in 2023. "This is the only way for us to achieve the previously defined plans", comments the CFO.

Noesis has just over a thousand workers across ten offices in five countries. With the will to reinforce teams, opening more offices may also be necessary. The priority, however, is to strengthen staff in Lisbon, Coimbra, Porto, Proença-a-Nova, Guarda, and Covilhã, as well as in Spain, Brazil, Holland, Ireland, and the USA.

"At this time, no new locations are planned, although, as with Guarda and Covilhã, we do not rule out the evaluation of new options if they translate into relevant business or even a source of attracting talent. Despite this, we can say that to materialize this reinforcement, we are evaluating new spaces capable of receiving more talent, namely in Guarda and Oporto", he concludes.


Published (in Portuguese) in Dinheiro Vivo