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Data Analytics & AI


Delivering Data Analytics, AI, and Process Mining solutions for data-driven organizations

Gain competitive advantages in the market through end-to-solutions oriented to each business needs and industry. 
Noesis expertise is leveraged by strategic partnerships with the most relevant technological market leaders, a multiskilled team, relevant references, projects, and clients in different industries.

Our Solutions

Data Analytics

Every organization has a different data maturity, and Noesis makes an effort to build rapidly, train, and deploy machine learning models to create a culture of intelligent data in organizations.
From Advanced Analytics, Data Preparation, Data Discovery, Data Visualization, Big Data Architecture, or Machine Learning Models, you can find hidden value in dark data.
According to your data maturity, we can implement a strategy to transform your complex data into clear and actionable insights.  
Transform your data into decisions!
Data Analytics

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence can boost your growth through automated data validation, understanding patterns through statistics, predictive modeling to detect potential problems, prescription, turning insights into decisions, and operations enablement to turn decisions into actions.
Our AI solutions deliver process optimization through consumption forecast, market demand forecast, production forecast, stock optimization, detection of production failures, predictive maintenance, and recommendation systems.

Process Mining

Through fact-based insights derived from actual data, we help organizations auditing, analyzing, and improving business processes.
Discover and visualize all your business processes, analyze operative process data, optimize your business process and increase transparency.
Our Process Mining solutions help you visualize and reconstruct actual process flows in real-time!
Process mining

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